Jewish Hall of Fame

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  • The Ancient Hebrew Scroll Project
  • Welcome to Israel
  • Holocaust Exhibit, including survivors telling their stories
  • Speakers
  • And More. . .

Schedule of Speakers inside The Casements

Speakers scheduled to appear:

12pm – Robert Gandt – Author of Angels in the Sky, How a Band of Volunteer Airmen Saved the New State of Israel


Angels in the Sky






1pm – Professor Nancy Dukes – How the World War I Paris Treaty affected the future of Jews in Europe and the creation of the State of Israel

2pm – Gene Klein & Dr. Jill Klein, PhD – Holocaust Survivor.  In the spring of 1944, at the age of 16, Gene was sent to Auschwitz with his mother, father, two sisters and grandparents.  Auschwitz was the largest extermination camp in Europe.  His father was gassed upon arrival and his grandparents died on the train going to the camp.  After several weeks at Auschwitz, Gene was sent to a slave labor camp, called Wolfsberg, where prisoners were killed through hard labor, hunger, and sickness.  In the spring of 1945 the Russian army liberated him.  Gene Klein’s title of his presentation is “My Year in Hell” where he will describe how he, a 16 year old Jewish Hungarian boy, struggled to survive through Auschwitz, and the slave labor camps.

Gene Klein

3pm – Claire Soria – Holocaust Survivor.  In 1940, Claire Soria was only 5 years old when the Germans invaded Belgium.  Her parents, Nathan and Sara Mytnowiecki moved the family  from Poland to Belgium.  At some point, Claire’s mother found a Christian couple, Lambert and Lea Sabaux to take Claire in and hide her from the Nazis.  Soria was so afraid of being captured that she never attended school.  Claire Soria spent the whole time in hiding after seeing so many Jews taken by the Nazis and shipped off to concentration camps. Soria’s mother, father, aunt, and uncle were discovered and transported to Auschwitz where they all perished. After the war was over, Soria’s aunt was able to get her. All Claire Soria has left from her family is a wicker basket which was a gift from her father on her sixth birthday.  Inside the basket were photos of childhood photos of her family taken before the war.

Claire Soria A Community of Voices Claire Soria